Do you need a Romanian Voiceover for your project? You’re in the right place!


The voice over rates contain a basic studio fee and a licence (usage/buy-out/rights) fee. The main price is given by the length of your script (i.e. how many words or minutes). Additionally, there will be added a buy-out fee depending on the channel used and the time the voice over recording will be used for. 

When contacting me please provide the answers to the below questions:

1. How long is your script? (i.e. in minutes or words)
2. What type of voice over? (i.e. narration, commercial, corporate etc.)
3. Which channel will be used? (i.e. radio/TV (local or national), Internet etc.) 
4. How long will you use the voice over for? 

Based on the answers at these questions I will be able to give you a personalised voice over quote. 

If you want to know how the voice over rates are calculated, please click here.


When ordering a voice over with me you will benefit from: 
  • A professional Romanian and English Voice Talent 
  • Almost a decade of experience as a broadcast presenter and voice over 
  • Edited high-quality voice files 
  • Files delivered in MP3, WAV or AIFF format 
  • 24-72 hours delivery, based on the length of your script 
  • Audio recordings sent via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or WeTransfer 
  • Free revisions to edit the read* 

* The revisions might be charged if they are due to any script additions/changes made after the voice recording had been done.


The process of working with you is a very straight forward one. Please see below the potential steps: 

1. When you will get in touch with me, I will kindly ask you to answer my questions listed at the top of the page
2. Based on the information provided by you I will send you a personalised quote
3. If you agree with the quote you will be sending me the script and any requirements you might have (i.e. voice style)
4. Once I have the script you can enjoy your time while I record it and edit it
5. After 24-72 hours*, I will be sending you the track
6. If you require any changes**, I will be more than happy to do them for you 

* Depending on the length of your script.
** The retakes will be free of charge if they are to correct the reading. They will be billed if they are due to any script changes you might have after the voice was recorded



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